Statement from Director Auntie Debra Bennet


Goorie Woman and direct descendant of the Kullali Peoples of South Western QLD and Wakka Wakka and Gubbi Gubbi Peoples of South East Queensland, CAA Director Auntie Debra Bennet makes the following statement regarding the work of Creative Arts Alliance across the wider region.

“First Nations Peoples are Sovereign Peoples who have held a spiritual and physical relationship with this continent now known as Australia since the very first Goori – Human Beings walked on this land. Following the traditions of our Ancestors we continue to uphold and practice the transmission of our culture and all forms of cultural expression to strengthen our descendants, our families and communities and all who live on our traditional lands. We continue to uphold the traditions of relationship building, through our traditional diplomatic discourse, exchange, trade and marriage partners to this day.

Whilst we have experienced disruption, dislocation and disenfranchisement from our lands, families, and economic bases as resilient, creative Peoples we are also strategic and forward looking.

As Cultural Warriors and Cultural Creatives we retrieve, maintain, and evolve our culture and community to transform our lives and embrace new opportunities.

We are inspired by our past to engage and collaborate with other artists and cultural groups, businesses, and governments to create new pathways of exchange.”

With Auntie Deb’s guidance, CAA has developed a draft Cultural Protocols document and will be liaising with Traditional Owners, Elders and community leaders over the coming months before finalising the document.

To receive a copy of the draft document, please email Chair Phil Smith