SEQN Performing Arts Venues and Presenters Forum 2019 | Wrap Up


Held in August, and with support from PAX and Horizons, CAA held our first region-wide forum for performing arts venues and presenters and partners.

The forum brought together more than 25 representatives from a diverse range of council, community and commercial venues, performing arts festivals and events, education partners, funding partners, touring services and peak bodies.

The forum stimulated discussion and seeded development of key projects/priorities which CAA will develop in the coming year:

  • Establishment of a SEQN Performing Arts Venues and Presenters Network that would meet bi-yearly to share information, build opportunities for collaboration and offer opportunities for professional development.
  • Develop a model for SEQN Touring Consortium to support co-presenting, co-commissioning and opportunities to better utilise touring artists to extend public programming and community engagement in local and neighbouring communities.
  • Develop a model for a new SEQN Creative Development and Residency initiative which support the development of new work that showcases the stories and artists of SEQN region.