Make Some Noise [Moreton Bay Region]


Moreton Bay young musicians, this one is for you!!

During the September school holidays, a range of musical activities will be taking place at the Caboolture Hub.

Music Recording Basics

This two hour workshop aimed at those who want to get in and start making music or recording audio using the high quality facilities at the Caboolture Hub. Participants learn the basics of how to turn on and use the recording studio to record and play back audio. They are taught how to use the audio interface, microphones, speakers and the basic running of audio software. This workshop provides the participants with the knowledge to safely use the recording studio for music recording, electronic music creation and podcasting etc.

The main outcome of this workshop is to give participants the skills to use the recording equipment and to further develop their skills by being able to use the studio.

Ages: 12-18 years

Dates: Saturday 28th September – Session 1: 10am-12:30pm/ Or Session 2:  1:00pm -3:30pm

Bookings are required. Places are limited – $5 booking fee per person.

Make a beat 

This workshop is aimed towards people interested in making music who aren’t in a band or are interested in music that involves more of an electronic approach (EDM, hip-hop, etc .). Think the bedroom guitarist who would like to use software to add drums and bass to their songs or the budding producer who would like to combine drum loops and synthesizers to make beats and record vocals on top.

Participants will learn how to work with loops, virtual and electronic instruments and learn how to record acoustic instruments/vocals.  Participants are encouraged to bring in their own instruments which will be recorded and incorporated into the song/beat, utilising their skills and encouraging them to continue to use the studio resources. Participants will be shown how to use the studio software and hardware including some of the setup and mixing techniques mentioned above. We will discuss song writing techniques appropriate to the style of music being made.

Ages 12 – 18 years

Dates: Thursday 26th September 10am – 1pm / OR / Tuesday 1st October 1pm – 4pm

Bookings are required. Places are limited – $5 booking fee per person.

Young Mic Up Late  Thursday 26th September 6pm – 8pm

Young Mic is back, and we’re staying up late. All Moreton Bay region young musicians (under 18) are invited to come along and perform to a live audience. Have some fun and gain some experience, performing alongside other young musicians is a great way to spend a Thursday evening. Registrations are essential and can be made here.

Lyric writing or Drumming workshops at the Caboolture Hub Library

The Caboolture Library is also getting into the music mood, hosting a free lyric writing workshop, as well as a free African drumming workshop during the month of September. To find out more, and to register, please visit their page for lyric writing and this page for African drumming.