Current funding and support for creatives and creative projects



We know there is significant need for support and funding for our SEQN creatives who have been hit hard during the COVID crisis. We have compiled this big list of funding opportunities that creatives in our region (and beyond) might be eligible for.



Support Act​ Crisis Relief Grants: If your ability to work has been impacted by COVID-19 and you are a musician, crew or music worker, you may be eligible to apply for Crisis Relief.

National Association for the Visual Arts Artists’ Benevolent Fund hopes to provide modest but useful one-off financial assistance to Australian visual artists in crisis as a result of fire, flood, storm, serious illness, major accident, declared state or national emergencies, or some other unexpected catastrophic experience.

Theatre Network Australia​ 1000 x 1000 Crisis Cash: artist requests now open. If you are an independent artist who has lost work due to COVID-19 and are in a high-risk group, this program has a simple EOI process.…/1000-x-1000-crisis-cash-for-artis…/

Actors Benevolent Fund​ offers help to actors and their families who find themselves in dire circumstances. This is not only offered in the area of financial assistance, but also in a range of consultative services.

Sunshine Coast Council​ Emergency Grants OPEN NOW
Are for not-for-profit community organisations to apply for up to $3,000 to fund projects that have arisen as a consequence of failure, damage or loss of essential equipment or infrastructure due to unforeseen circumstances (such as COVID).…/Gra…/Emergency-Grants

Moreton Bay Regional Council Community Response and Recovery Program offers up to $10,000 to support community organisations experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19…/Grants…/COVID-19-Program

Moreton Bay Regional Council​ RADF Continue Creating Round OPEN NOW – up to $2,000 – to support artists to continue their professional development, production of new work, and engagement with new audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.…/Regional-Arts-Developme…

Redland City Council​ COVID support program for business and community OPEN NOW…/covid-19_support_for_busin…

Australian Government​ Regional Arts Australia​ Flying Arts
Regional Arts Fund – Recovery Boost
RELIEF- Opening 1st July to assist regional artists, arts organisations and communities to meet their immediate needs. This could include asset replacement or purchase, support for arts practice (including self-directed residency/research and development), small projects and professional development opportunities.

RECOVERY Project Grants – Open 31 August
Activities could include creative recovery projects, training programs, operational recovery plans, asset purchase or replacement (up to $5000) and the development of risk plans and emergency operating procedures and responses up to $30,000



Regional Arts Fund – Project Grants stream supports applications which benefit the community, increase access and participation, and/or provide direct benefits to artists/arts workers. Funding of up to $30,000 is available – Applications Open 1st July

Gympie Regional Council​ RADF – Open 31 August

Sunshine Coast Council Major Grants Program opens on 13 July. Supports not-for-profit organisations to deliver one-off projects, events and activities with broad community benefit – funding up to $30,000…/Grants-…/Major-Grants

Sunshine Coast Council Minor Grants (Community Events Category) opens on 13 July Supports not-for-profit organisations to deliver one-off projects, events and activities with broad community benefit – funding up to $2,000…/Grants-…/Minor-Grants

Moreton Bay Regional Council RADF Quick Response Funding Open NOW RADF project round – opening 1st July…/Regional-Arts-Developme…

Somerset Regional Council – Community Assistance Grants opening 28 August supporting community organisations in undertaking community service activities, projects and events

Redland City Council RADF opening on 1 August 2020 –…/regional_arts_development_…

Arts Queensland has a number of funding programs open to professional artists, arts organisations, creative businesses, local governments including Queensland Arts Showcase Program (supporting projects up to $60,000) and new funding pools to support Live Music and Performing Arts venues. 

Australia Council for the Arts has a number of funding programs open to professional artists, arts organisations, local governments including Arts Projects – Organisations funding (supporting projects up to $100,000)


We have also compiled a list of other resources, support services and professional development programs on our website which you may be interested in.…/