RASN South East Queensland North – 2020 Program Report


This year has been incredibly challenging for the whole arts sector and the broader communities we are part of.

Despite all the challenges, the SEQN RASN Program has been able to deliver significant results:

  • providing hundreds of paid performance, presentation, creative and career development opportunities to local creatives
  • engaging thousands of audiences and participants from communities across the SEQN region and beyond
  •  strengthening key regional industry networks by continuing to come together during COVID to share information, approaches and designing new projects and ways of working to support the recovery of our local creative sectors

A massive thanks to our Lead Artists, Facilitators, Presenters, Collaborators and Partners for your work, ongoing commitment and support to ensuring the delivery of the RASN initiatives in South East Queensland North.

Check out all we’ve been able to achieve together outlined in the SEQN Regional Arts Services Network 2020

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season -and hoping for a great year for us all in 2021.

Katie Edmiston
(Manager – Regional Arts Services Network)